Dual Polarized Log Periodic Dipole Antenna

Model FrequencyBandwidthGainDownloadEnquiry
SLPDP200G9100-500 MHzFull Band9 dBiEmail enquiry
SLPDP2600G71300-3000 MHzFull Band7 dBiEmail enquiry
SLPDP700G720-1300 MHzFull Band7 dBiEmail enquiry
SLPDP1500G620-3000 MHzFull Band6 dBiEmail enquiry
SLPDP250G620-500 MHzFull Band6 dBiEmail enquiry
SLPDP250G720-500 MHzFull Band7 dBiEmail enquiry
SLPDP50G830-100 MHzFull Band5-8 dBiEmail enquiry
SLPDP300G830-1000 MHzFull Band5-8 dBiEmail enquiry
SLPDP650G8300-1000 MHzFull Band8 dBiEmail enquiry
SLPDP500G850-1000 MHzFull Band8 dBiEmail enquiry
SLPDP1250G9500-3000 MHzFull Band9 dBiEmail enquiry
SLPDP600G880-1300 MHzFull Band8 dBiEmail enquiry

SLPDP Model Series

The SLPDP series ranges of dual polarized log periodic dipole array are high gain array that provides strong performance over the operating frequency range of 20 MHz to 3000 MHz as our dual polarized log periodic dipole antenna does not use loading technique to reduce the overall size of array.

The SLPDP series dual polarized log periodic dipole antennas are particular suitable for Signal Intelligence SIGINT application, Electronic Warfare EW application, surveillance application, RCIED jamming, transmission, reception, spectrum monitoring and scanning applications due to its capability of receiving/transmitting both the vertical & horizontal (E & H) polarized signals simultaneously with 2 independently terminations.

Also our SLPDP series dual polarized log periodic antenna can be used to generate Left Hand Circular Polarized (LHCP) or Right Hand Circular Polarized (RHCP) signals (field selectable) using 90 Degrees hybrid coupler (not supplied by us). If user connects these two feed lines (both terminations of array) directly to the quadrature hybrid’s output, the power delivered to each of orthogonal log periodic arrays will be 90 Degrees out of phase just like they came out of quadrature hybrid coupler. As a result of this user can generate switchable left hand or right hand circular polarized signals.

The SLPDP series Dual or Cross Polarized LPDA features high power handing capabilities, high efficiency, low VSWR and robust mechanical design to accommodate the most extreme environments condition. The Dual Polarized Log Periodic Dipole Array operates at D.C. ground with low resistance discharge path for protection against lightning and for immunity to noise. The Log Periodic Dipole Antenna when packed comes with mounting hardware for ease of packing and transportation.

Dual polarized log periodic antenna