Grid Parabolic Dish Antenna

parabolic antenna
#Model FrequencyBeamGainDownloadEnquiry
1 SGP-4700 – 3000 MHz25° – 5.8°16 – 28.6 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
2 SGP-5700 – 3000 MHz20° – 4.6°18 – 30.6 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
3 SGP-6700 – 3000 MHz16.6° – 3.8°19.5 – 32.2 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
4 SGP-8700 – 3000 MHz12.5° – 2.9°22 – 34.7 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry

SGP- Model Series

SMART ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATION manufactures Grid Parabolic Antenna for 700 – 3000 MHz frequency band. Our antenna design reflects innovative modern antenna construction.

These Grid Parabolic Antennas are highly directional. Grid Parabolic Antenna has been constructed in high quality aluminium alloys to prevent corrosion. The Grid Parabolic Antenna when packed, comes with mounting hardware.

Special mounting hardware is supplied with grid parabolic antenna to mount either Horizontal or Vertical polarization.

Our antennas are designed to provide the best gain figures, for the requirements of the band and for the specific application where the