Tri Band Cell Phone Collinear Antenna

Model FrequencyBandwidthGainDownloadEnquiry
SMBJCL9900 MHz60 MHz3 dBd
SMBJCL181800 MHz100 MHz3 dBd
SMBJCL212100 MHz150 MHz3 dBd
SMBJCL91821900/1800/2100 MHzFull Band3 dBd

SMBJCL Model series

SEC antenna manufacture and trade high quality Tri band fiberglass collinear antenna.

In this antenna model series of Tri band fiberglass collinear antenna, three different frequencies are combined and fabricate in one antenna unit. A special L type mounting hardware is supplied for installation of Tri band fiberglass collinear antenna.

This antenna series is used to boost the mobile or cell phone signals in GSM-900, GSM-1800, CDMA and WCDMA-2100 3G band in a particular area. This model series is very useful for cell phone users who are facing weak signal strength in there working areas like office or at home.

Salient Features:

Collinear antenna is also known as omnidirectional monopole antenna. Our collinear antenna body structure is made up of fiberglass radome and aluminium alloy.
Fiberglass has excellent Radio Signal transparency property and it has high strength Robust structure to bear all bad weather conditions. The smooth surface does not allow bulk ice formation and it can sever very windy weather conditions. The fiberglass omnidirectional collinear antenna consists in phase array elements for smooth omnidirectional radiation pattern. Our Fiber glass omnidirectional collinear antennas are light in weight and easy to install on antenna mast or pole. Fiberglass Omnidirectional Collinear antenna provide excellent solution for long distance point-to-multipoint analogue and digital communication systems. Fiberglass collinear antenna is very easy to install even a single person can mount them on a high-height antenna tower or mast. We can supply higher bandwidth or gain on request.


Radiating elements are made of high quality brass. Coax stub technique is used to provide smooth VSWR over entire frequency band. All elements are added in phase for providing high gain and perfect omnidirectional radiation pattern. The radome cover is made of high strength Fiber glass. The collinear antenna comes with full mounting kit. All the screws, nuts and bolts of collinear antenna are of stainless steel.

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