Discone Antenna

#Model FrequencyBandwidthGainDownloadEnquiry
1. SDC30-10030 – 100 MHzFull Band2-3 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
2. SDC5030 – 1000 MHzFull Band2-3 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
3. SDC50-200050 – 2000 MHzFull Band2-3 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
4. SDC150100 – 1300 MHzFull Band2-3 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
5. SDC250100 – 400 MHzFull Band2-3 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
6. SDC350300 – 3000 MHzFull Band2-3 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry

We manufacture Discone Antenna for many frequency bands like HF VHF UHF and microwave bands like L-band, S-band.

The Discone Antenna is manufactured using high-class Aluminium alloy or chrome plated Brass material and does not require any field tuning or adjustments. The antenna when packed, comes with Cone and Disc elements removed from the antenna body for ease of packing and shipment. The compact size of antenna allows easy handling and specially designed mounting hardware results in fast installation.

The all discone antenna models Brass and Aluminium prevents formation of “Signal Cells”, thereby eliminating inter modulation with in the antenna. It is specially designed for Omni directional. Due to it’s low VSWR as 1:2 over complete VHF and UHF operation band, this wide band discone antenna can be used as a transmitting and receiver antenna due to its high efficiency. To meet the broadband requirement of a base station SEC Antenna wide band Discone antenna. Discone antenna is made-up of 6.5 mm(approx) thick disc and cone elements of aluminium or brass it makes discone antenna highly robust to withstand rough weather. Antenna termination and feed cable lie enclosed inside the mounting pipe for complete weather protection.

All models are mounted at the roof height approx 25 feet above the ground to provide the maximum communication range and perfect signal coverage.

The Discone Antenna when packed comes with full mounting hardware of stainless steel.

SEC Antenna uses the very latest design technology and manufacturing methods to produce very good quality of Discone antenna, having following features:

  1. Innovative design for unique quality of omni directional Discone antenna.

  2. High gain and omni directional pattern of Discone antenna.

  3. Low VSWR for the whole operating frequency band of Discone antenna.

  4. High performance in worst environmental conditions due to its brass / aluminium alloy body.

  5. Light weight aluminium alloy is used to manufacture omni directional Discone antenna.

Our antennas are designed to provide the best gain figures, for the requirements of the band and for the specific application where the antenna will be used.

Discone antenna