Yagi Antenna

#Model FrequencyBandwidthGainDownloadEnquiry
1SY66G1066 – 88 MHz5 MHz10 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
2SY150G12136 – 174 MHz8 MHz12 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
3SY450G13380 – 520 MHz20 MHz13 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
4SY850G13800 – 990 MHz70 MHz13 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
5SY1450G131000 – 1710 MHz100 MHz13 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
6SY2450G132150 – 2750 MHz150 MHz13 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
VHF yagi antenna
UHF yagi antenna

SY Model Series

Special mounting hardware is supplied with yagi antenna to mount either Horizontal or Vertical polarization.Radiating elements, supporting booms and adjoining metal castings of Yagi antenna have been constructed in high quality aluminium alloys to prevent corrosion.

The VHF yagi antennas: comes with elements removed from the antenna boom for ease of packing and transportation.

The UHF Yagi Antennas: comes with pre-assembled and permanently fixed elements in to the support boom.

SEC Antenna uses the very latest design and manufacturing technology methods to produce Yagi antenna, having following features:

  1. Innovative design

  2. High gain

  3. Low VSWR

  4. High performance

  5. Heavy Duty

Our antennas are designed to provide the best gain figures, for the requirements of the band and for the specific application where the antenna will be used.