800-2500 MHz 3 dB Gain Ceiling Omni Antenna

Smart Electronics Communication manufactures ceiling omni antenna for 800-2500 MHz 3 dB Gain Ceiling Omni Antenna  so as to provide the best advancement in cell phone signals .


Model: SCO0825G3
Electrical Specification
Frequency800~960/1710~2500 MHz
Bandwidth160/790 MHz
Gain3/5 dBi
Horizontal Beam-width360°
Vertical Beam-width70°
Front to Back ratio≥13 dB
Axial ratio±2 dB
Impedance50 ohm
Maximum Input Power50 watt
Mechanical Specification
Weight0.45 Kg (0.99 lb)
Packing Box Dimension18x18x10 cm
Operating Temperature-40° C to 70° C


These indoor ceiling omni antennas are designed to operate in Cell Phone frequency band (800-2500 MHz). These antennas are ideal for cell phone signal boosters in GSM 900/1800 MHz, 2G, WCDMA, 3G frequency bands. Its All three bands in one small pack. This cell phone wide band antenna eliminates the need to purchase different antennas for each frequency. These antennas are light in weight, very handy to install or fix at the ceiling of a room. The antennas are used for both indoor cell phone signal boosting purpose. These ceiling omni antennas of GSM/2G/3G band are supplied with a 0.3 meter coax cable. For power input it has one N-female connector fixed at end of coax cable.

Our antennas are designed to provide the best gain in cell phone GSM/2G/3G band for high quality voice and data transfer. Omni directional antenna pattern allows cell phone signals to spread equally without antenna alignment technique.


  • Indoor Cell Phone signal booster
  • Cell phone repeater applications
  • Cell Phone signal booster in a building Basment
  • Cell phone signal Jammer
  • Indoor 2G 3G Signal booster
  • Wireless mobile internet signal booster

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