HF Broadband Multiwire Antenna

HF Broadband antenna stainless steel
HF broadband antenna
HF broadband multiwire antenna
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3 – 30 MHz27 MHz


Stainless Steel

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1.8 – 30 MHzFull Band


Stainless Steel

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1.8 – 30 MHzFull Band


Stainless Steel

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HF Broadband Antenna details:


HF Broadband Multi-wire Antenna covers 1.8 – 30 MHz frequency band. HF Broadband multiwire antenna is usually used by the army / military or police. It is used in communication purposes such as scanning, full band monitoring, receiving and transmitting voice & data within the HF band. It can be mounted horizontally or as inverted “V”. We recommend at least 10 m height or better for HF broadband antenna installation.


We have each model of HF broadband multiwire antenna in two different conductor materials:

1. Insulated Copper.

2. Anti corrosive Stainless Steel Grade-304.

Model#S2HF is two folded hf broadband dipole antenna. S2HF consists two folded wires as a dipole material.

Model#S3HF is three folded HF broadband dipole antenna. It consists three folded wires as a dipole material.

The antenna is composed of folded wire dipole with one RF transformer/balun. As an input connector UHF(F) or N-F connector are normally used. The most famous is UHF-female connector in this antenna. Two nylon ropes are supplied with the antenna for antenna installation on AE mast.


1. For military / army deployment purpose, we offer our clients a carry bag of army green color.

2. 30 meter coaxial cable with weather proofing kit.

3. 36 feet long aerial mast with guy wires and all accessories. Model No #SAM36

4. For signal monitoring, we also offer Low Noise Amplifier. 

5. For Inverted Vee type installation we offer two small light weight aerial mast and one 36 feet long AE mast along with complete accessories.

We would be pleased to supply HF Broadband Antenna with, customized connector or custom finish.

HF broadband antenna receiving only
two folded HF receiving broadband antenna