Helical Antenna

#Model FrequencyBandwidthGainDownloadEnquiry
1 SHL300G10225 – 400 MHz175 MHz10 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
2 SHL400G11380-430 MHz50 MHz11 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
3 SHL600G12500-700 MHz200 MHz12 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
4 SHL800G12700 – 990 MHz200 MHz12 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
5 SHL1400G91100-1700 MHz100 MHz9 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
6 SHL1400G121200 – 1600 MHz150 MHz12 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
7 SHL1850G121700 – 1990 MHz150 MHz12 dBIpdf data sheetEmail enquiry
8 SHL2400G122200 – 2600 MHz200 MHz12 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry
9 SHL2850G122700 – 3000 MHz200 MHz12 dBipdf data sheetEmail enquiry

SHL Model Series

SMART ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATION manufactures Circular Polarized Helical antennas of every frequency band.

Use of Helical Antenna:

Helical antennas are ideal for amateur satellite communications.
Used as standard FM receiving antennas for many factories produced motor vehicles.
Used in most basic style of aftermarket HF and VHF mobile helical.
Helical antennas are generally used in situations where a smaller antenna is an important operational factor.
These types are best suited for animal tracking and space communications.
Most often used with hand held satellite communication devices such as telephones, radios, and Global Positioning Systems.

SEC Antenna uses the very latest design technology methods to produce Circular polarized helical antenna, having following features:

  1. Innovative design
  2. High gain
  3. Low VSWR
  4. High performance
  5. Heavy Duty Body Construction

Our antennas are designed to provide the best gain figures, for the requirements of the band and for the specific application where the antenna will be used.

Salient Features:

Our Circular Polarized Helical antenna body structure is made up of fiberglass/ABS radome and aluminium alloy. Fiberglass/ABS has excellent Radio Signal transparency property and high strength. On client request we also provide polish coat for extra smoother finishing of radome surface. The polish coating on radome makes the fiberglass surface smoother. Helical Antennas are light weight, Broadband and Rugged Helical Antennas, supplied with fiberglass radome to protect the antenna from environment. For wide bandwidth operation with a low VSWR , the matching section uses a rigid coaxial feed with helical antenna termination , N-Female, mounted at the end for easy antenna feed connectivity. Both, Right Hand Circular Polarized (RHCP) and Left Hand Circular Polarized (LHCP) models are available. High power circular polarized helical antennas are also manufactures on request.

For higher gain requirement, the helical antenna can be supplied in DUAL stacked or QUAD stacked arrays with suitable power splitter/combiner cable harness. Rust proof Stainless Steel mounting hardware is supplied with these Helical Antennas.


Radiating elements are made of high quality solid copper wire. A unique matching technique is used to provide smooth VSWR over entire Frequency band. N-female connector is used for UHF and microwave band and UHF connector is used for VHF band circular polarized helical antenna. On client request we also provide DIN connector for high power use. Solid copper wire is wrapped circularly and uniform gap is implied between per circular turn for smooth radiation pattern and gain improvement. Circular polarization is fixed at the time of manufacturing. It is unchangeable at the time of antenna installation. The radome cover is made of Fiber glass or ABS. Radome cover do not allow huge ice formation on circular polarized helical antenna. It also reduce the wind load in high speed windy environment. For terrestrial communication we use heavy duty fiberglass radome cover. For satellite communication where the mounting height of Circular Polarized Helical is low, a light duty fiberglass radome with thin wall-thickness is used. The Circular Polarized Helical antenna comes with full mounting kit. All the screws, nuts and bolts of Circular Polarized Helical antenna are of stainless steel.

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